About Us

Our Story So Far…..

Balloon Baboon started by making unique and individual balloon bouquets for weddings, events and other celebrations – as well as the occasional Valentine’s Day balloon in a box. Then one day a client asked us if we could make balloon monkeys. After a little head scratching, selecting the right colour balloon, a little twist here, and a tweak there, the Balloon Baboon was born.   And so was the idea for the website you see before you.

Balloons are our passion and we consider ourselves experts in the balloon business. There isn’t another company like Balloon Baboon (and we intend to keep it that way) so when you order a balloon display you are ordering a totally unique gift – something which anyone would be overjoyed to receive.

During our time working with balloons we have met and chatted with some astounding balloon twisters who have supported our idea, helped us learn new skills and realise just how far balloons art can go. Our thanks go out to all of those people as we couldn’t have got where we are today without them. They include Bonnie Davis, M B Floyd, Thelma Levett, David Grist, Natalie, Tony, Dave, David, Graham Lee, Petra, Twisterella, The Happy Cabbie and many,many others.